Rinat Superior Fenix Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

Rinat Superior Fenix Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

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It is an extremely light and comfortable glove, it offers total movement freedom to your hands.

Backhand:All neoprene with rubber grafts in the main contact areas to cushion the impacts.

These applications also give volume and elegance to the glove.


Palm:Omega Grip german latex with maximum performance and durability.

One of the best latexes in the market guaranteeing absoluteand unmatched grip.

Specially formulated for Rinat.

Recommended for natural grass on dry or slightly wet conditions.

Active Cell Zone:Anti-slip gel between the fingers for greater grip.

Wrapped fingers:Thumb, index and pinky fingers are completely covered with latex from the palm.

Closure:High frequency embossed neoprene cuff with points of flexion for freedom of movement.

External lycra opening for easy hand entry.

Wide wristband with an elastic point, customizable textile section and latex in the inner wrist area.

Velcro fastening for secure fit.